You Know You're a Fiction Writer...(#2)


Welcome to the second installment of You Know You’re a Fiction Writer! If you didn’t catch the first one, click here.

You know you’re a fiction writer…

  1. If you enjoy using writing jargon like WIP, MC, Midpoint, character arcs…etc. because it makes you feel smart, especially when people around you don’t know what you’re talking about,
  2. If you regularly look up synonyms on Google,
  3. If you speak words into Google or Siri because you don’t know how to spell them and have issues trusting your document’s spell checker,
  4. If you save a document in a random place because you’re too lazy to put it in the proper folder,
  5. If you can’t find said document later,
  6. If you make notes on any available writing surface or electronic device,
  7. If you don’t look at those notes,
  8. If you want readers to create fandoms revolving around your stories,
  9. If you love when readers ship your characters,
  10. If you love pretending you’re going to destroy those ships,
  11. If you’re conflicted about writing outside because the outdoors is great for inspiration but there is nowhere to plug in a computer,
  12. If people expect you to write like a master no matter what you’re scribbling down because you say you are a writer,
  13. If you are obsessed with collecting notebooks,
  14. If you don’t use all those notebooks,
  15. If you bemoan all the writing you want/need to do but still procrastinate on actually writing,
  16. If your friends threaten you over hurting/killing their favorite characters in your stories,
  17. If you try to tell your friends inside jokes that originated in online writing communities,
  18. If those friends inevitably don’t get it,
  19. If you continue to share those jokes anyway, (and finally…)
  20. If you think up epic scenes, but can’t write them for months because you aren’t even close to the part in the story where they happen…

…you know you’re a fiction writer.

What statement do you relate to the most?

The Introvert (A.K.A. Gabrielle R. Pollack)

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