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Dear Writer, Don't Forget to Look Back

Sometimes it seems like we’ll never accomplish our dreams as writers. It feels like that draft will never be finished, we’ll never fix our biggest writing mistake, and we’ll never write as well as the authors we admire. We see a terrible mountain before us and become discouraged.  


But we must remember to look back. Even just a few months ago, I’m sure there were things you didn’t know as a writer, goals you hadn’t accomplished, struggles you were working through. Things you eventually overcame. That is important. What you have faced and defeated in the past means something. 

What you’ve done may seem small. You’ve written a short story and they’ve written a book. You just learned about telling and they’re diving into theme. But don’t look at them. This is your journey, not theirs. Remember and celebrate every step you take, even if it’s small. 

Before long, those steps become miles, those miles become leagues, and then you’ve finished that draft, gathered those critiques, or pitched to that agent. You are making progress. Without these troublesome times of waiting and learning, you wouldn’t be able to face the mountains ahead. 

So give yourself a little grace and don’t give up. Look for how God has blessed and directed your path as a writer. Celebrate what he’s done. 

Then keep writing. 

Note: I originally wrote this little bit for my previous guildlings on the Story Embers forum. I considered formatting it as an article but decided to leave it as is. I hope it encouraged you. 🙂  

The Introvert (A.K.A. Gabrielle R. Pollack)

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